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Winner, Winner, Wellness Dinner

This go round for my Influenster product review, I received the Wellness CORE Ocean with Wholesome Grains High Protein dry dog food. It is formulated for adults and has no size restrictions. The kibbles are small enough that petite dog breeds can eat this with little to no trouble as well. This is helpful because two of my dogs are Chihuahuas and the third is a Boxer/Lab mix. Two of the three are female and they also are finicky when it comes to eating their meals. I decided to try this for the first meal of the day, as that is normally the one they skip. After tasting a kibble two times, they both dove right in! I was happy to see this as I was unsure if they’d take to it. The food does emit a slight smell as it is all fish protein, but it’s only really when you open the bag to pour or scoop. When I dished it out again at dinner, they did come back for more. I normally feed my dogs Pedigree, because of price and availability and it’s what they ate as puppies. However, I may be making a supplemental switch to this brand to help boost some enthusiasm at meal times, especially because they eat less than normal. Cost is a factor here as a 4lb bag will set you back about $20. If you try it out, let me know what your doggies think! SN: I may upgrade to the RawRev line that has pieces of freeze dried fish included for a little something extra added to mealtime.

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