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Close Your Rings

This isn't a normal post for me, but I feel compelled to share about something that's become a big part of my health journey. I have thoroughly enjoyed having my Apple Watch these past few years and even more in this past year! My goal has been to close all of my rings daily. So far, I am on day 114 of my 365 goal. I will admit, some days have been such a task to complete, especially when under the weather or extremely tired. However, I still make it happen! How do I do this? During my lunch hour, I walk for roughly 30 minutes. At the end of the day, I choose a cardio workout from one of a few YouTube channels I've subscribed to over the past couple of years.

I started with something so simple, just to get into the groove of things. The Walk at Home channel has indoor walk workout that vary in times/length equivalents. They've been ramping up their workouts lately and broadening their range. Once I started doing home workouts with my husband, we tapped into the routines by Burpee Girl. She does everything from lunges and burpees (obvi!) to standing abs and Tabata workouts. You can find many lengths of workouts here as well. Following this same type of channel, I recently found Brian Syuki and love his mixup as well. I've been tapping into his and Burpee Girl's the most because their routines allow for maximum energy level but still in a routine that I can make it through. What I mean by that is that I can push myself to my limit more realistically but still have a successful workout with them. Lastly, I found Eva Fitness which has more of a dance move style to their workouts. I don't consistently use this channel but enjoy it for a high energy switch up.

I've felt so much better with regular workouts and notice a change in my body for sure! I wish I was a morning person and could squeeze a workout in then, but I have noticed how beneficial the nighttime routine has been for me. I plan to continue this as long as I can and I hope to lose 10-15 more lbs this year. Between my accountability partner (Apple Watch) and the YouTubes, I think I can get it done!

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