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Let's Talk Towels Collab

I've always wanted to work with a brand outside of my Influenster voxboxes (check previous posts) and what better product to review than some items from Let's Talk Towels. This is a small business, a mother and daughter duo, who hand select their collection of Turkish Towels and have them imported directly from Turkey. These beautiful towels are 100% cotton and are quite versatile! I recently took a cruise to the Bahamas and took my towel with me. It's so lightweight and not bulky at all, considering how big it is. I also loved that it didn't have all those little bits of sand trapped in it after use, as I sometimes deal with when using regular beach towels. It wraps nicely around as a sarong that offers plenty of coverage. Aside from these, there are hand towels, blankets, and even robes! The color options are plenty and certainly worth taking a look. Please check them out and tell them Cookie sent you! They are so sweet and their customer service is awesome. I can't wait to add to my collection.

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