About Me


Hello! I go by Cookie Michelle. I'm a 30-something creative, residing in RVA. I've been a resident of the 804 all of my life, having been raised in Dinwiddie County aka "the country." I am a VCU graduate (Go Rams!) with a B.S. degree in Mass Communications, focused in creative advertising. I am a wife of going on 9 years and a dog mom of 3, two Chis and one Boxer/Lab mix. I'm the owner of Cookie Cutter Customs LLC, a blossoming craft business that specializes in 1 of a kind custom earrings and other crafts, fresh baked with love. This March we celebrated 1 year of operation! My business would have not made it to this point if not for the support of my customers. If there's anything specific you are looking for, let me know!

I stan the #NaturalHairDaily movement and am proud of the loc crown I wear. I love the foodie scene, though I won't say I am one myself. I am a self-proclaimed hype woman and love to uplift others; it's in my second nature! I am a Virgo and embody a lot of the traits we are known for: hard-working, reliable, patient, over thinker, and sometimes stubborn. I'm also very friendly and outgoing so if you reach out, I will definitely chat back!