About Me

Hello! I go by Cookie Michelle. I'm a 30-something creative, residing in RVA. I've been a resident of the 804 all of my life, having been raised in Dinwiddie County aka "the country." I am a VCU graduate (Go Rams!) with a B.S. degree in Mass Communications, focused in creative advertising. I am a wife of going on 9 years and a dog mom of 3, two Chis and one Boxer/Lab mix. I'm the owner of Cookie Cutter Customs LLC, a blossoming craft business that specializes in 1 of a kind custom earrings and other crafts, fresh baked with love. This March we are celebrating 1 year of operation!

I stan the #NaturalHairDaily movement and am proud of the loc crown I wear. I love the foodie scene, though I won't say I am one myself. I am a self-proclaimed hype woman and love to uplift others; it's in my second nature! I am a Virgo and embody a lot of the traits we are known for: hard-working, reliable, patient, over thinker, and sometimes stubborn. I'm also very friendly and outgoing so if you reach out, I will definitely chat back!