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Tinted and Protected

WOW! I looove a good tinted sunscreen/moisturizer. So here we have Shiseido's Synchro Self-Refreshing Skin Tint w/ SPF 20. I was very pleased with this one! Coming in at $43, it definitely did not disappoint. This product was super lightweight and has been formulated with Hyaluronic Acid. This allows the moisturizer to perform at its full potential, serving all your needs! I picked color 335: Medium Katsura, for medium-tan skin. There are 12 colors in the line, but the options for darker tones are sparse. Despite that, my choice was perfect for me! Not only that, it had such a smooth and natural finish. The coverage was nice and it was very hydrating! The moisturizer was also long-lasting and photographed well. I've tested many tinted moisturizers and will rave that this one has been one of the best for me. I fully intend to keep using. I get hot easily and the lightness of this is much easier for me to manage vs. a foundation. What other tinted moisturizers have you all tried?

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