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It's me again! So remember when I said I was proud of my locs (3 years this July)? Well, I love them so much because I've figured out what works for me and my hair. I am pretty low maintenance when it comes to maintaining my crown, and with that being said, I will go weeks without washing. That's my preference and it works for me. However, I still like to refresh my hair and cleanse my scalp in-between. Recently, I was sent a complimentary can of the new Dark & Lovely Hair Refresher with Aloe for protective styles to try out for Influenster. It's an aerosol, so the cool air burst coupled with the Peppermint oil adds an extra refreshing sensation when using. The smell is light and does well to mask those little orders that can get trapped. According to the can, it suggested blotting extra with an old t-shirt or towel but I didn't have any. I was a bit skeptical about the amount to use so I used it sparingly, still making sure I got all areas. For what it's worth, I for sure think it serves its purpose and can come in handy for those times (like now) when a protective style needs to be stretched a bit longer before a thorough washing. If you try it out, let me know what you think!

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