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I've low-key been into plants for a while now. Back when I moved into my own office at work a few years ago, I acquired a Christmas cactus then added a succulent and a geranium to the bunch. However, since the hit of Covid-19 last year, I have really gotten into having and maintaining house plants. so far, I have 3 plants that I am really proud of and they are my peace lily (Millie), monstera (Monty), and aglaonema (Agatha). This is not to say I don't have or haven't had others. They just aren't flourishing as much as these three. I have an African violet and an aloe vera plant as well but they aren't at the forefront of my collection.

I'd have to contribute a lot of my success to the Greg app, which helps me maintain a consistent watering schedule for the plants. Greg takes into account location/weather, direct sunlight, pot, soil, etc. I appreciate the app reminders as I can get busy and tied up with other tasks. It also has a community where individuals can post and share their plants as well. It's so funny to see what others name their plants, too. I totally feel a connection and am so proud to show off my named babies.

Are you guys into plants?! I'd love to see your plants and know what kinds you really like. Please share!

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