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Our Soulful Pours Collaboration

After weeks of brainstorming and planning, I am glad to say that this batch of baubles is done baking! I am so grateful for the sweet owner at Soulful Pours who brought my vision to fruition. With that being said, I thought it only right to introduce you all to her and her business. See below for our interview and pictures of our collaboration pieces. Head over to my IG after checking her out to see what items are up for grabs! Happy Hump Day reading guys.

Hi! I’m Judy, born and raised in Charlotte, NC. I currently now reside in Fort Mill, SC with my wife Dani. We have two fur babies that bring us so much joy! I would describe my self as a wanderlust, cosmic soul. I enjoy anything art and astrology, exploring the mountains, and laying out under the sun with sand between my toes! I am an introvert, observer, and a daydreaming Pisces. I also work full-time as a Nail Tech. (check out her IG)

1.     How did you come up with the name, Soulful Pours?

 I pour my heart and soul into my art pieces, so I felt Soulful Pours would describe it best.

2.     What made you want to go into resin art? How long have you been in business?

I like to use resin as a medium. I enjoy manipulating the layers and colors. 

I've only been in business since April 2020. I initially picked this up just as a hobby to keep my mental busy. Literally within the first week, I started picking up orders!

3.     Where do you draw your inspiration from for your pieces?

I see art in a lot of things. I use nature as inspiration, as well as abstract art, lines, and muted colors. I’ve just always had an eye for color; I love the difference hues, cool and warm tones, and how it all complements each other. 

4.     What’s your favorite thing you’ve made so far? 

 It’s a tie between my cosmic coaster set and resin earrings. 

5.     Do you like to do other types of crafting? If yes, is any of it going to lead to items that will be offered with your business? 

I enjoy crocheting. It helps me to think and brainstorm. Also, I have a Cricut that I use for vinyl cutting. I offer that as an option for customers if they want to personalize trays or coasters.

6.     Is anyone in your family or friends’ circle crafty, too?

My mom knows how to sew and crochet and I have a few friends that are crafty as well. 

7.     How much time would you say you spend crafting each week?

It varies. Some days I’m crafting as little as 2 hours or even all day with breaks in between. Some weeks I’m not crafting at all, but still brainstorming.

8.     What is your favorite board on Pinterest? What do you like to look up/follow?

My favorite board on Pinterest would be abstract paintings. I like to look at color schemes and patterns.

9.     Do you have plans to do craft or vendor shows?

That is definitely on my bucket list. Hopefully I will whenever the world decides to open back up. 

10.  Any words of advice for others who are second guessing their craft/business venture?

Never compare your start with someone’s middle. Don’t follow too many artist pages on IG, as it tends to cloud your artistic ability. Don’t ever doubt yourself; just go for it. You will never know where that path may lead you.

Check out these shots from our collaboration!

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