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Melanin Magic part 2

I think my most reviewed items are skin related! That's totally fine with me, though, because taking care of this melanated shell is important. I was sent a Melē skincare voxbox from Influenster to test out 2 more of their products. It's something about a skincare line designated for brown and black skin that just makes me so excited to try it. First up is the dark spot serum. Our skin is prone to scarring and dark spots in the wake of blemishes, that's no surprise. In an effort to help combat that, this serum has been formulated for 2x daily use to really combat those stubborn, problem areas. This may be childish of me, but I love just the look of the serum and having to shake it to mix before using. It gives some sort of satisfaction to "activating" the serum. The other product is the sheer moisture sunscreen. Most people are aware of the importance of daily use of sunscreen, especially on your face. One of the reasons for the continual presence of dark spots on melanated skin is UV rays and blue light exposure. It's only right to use this lightweight protective moisture in conjunction with the dark spot serum. I can truly say I have noticed some diminishing dark spots and experienced some extended moisturizing effects. I can't wait to see how much clearer it becomes.

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Jennifer Walton
Jennifer Walton
Dec 01, 2022

🤔 might have to look into these items. Is the sunscreen lightweight?!

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