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Melanin Magic

So it's no secret that those of us melanated individuals have a little extra "magic" if you will, when it comes to our skin. I mean many of us can have flawless skin using just the basics (black soap, water, coconut oil, etc). However, why not add a little something extra to boost our skin for that extra oomph? This plump it up nourishing cream by Melē could possibly do that for you! It spreads easily and has a dewy/glow effect. I really like the consistency and I hope the extended benefits are even better. I only received it a couple of weeks ago in another Influenster box and held off using it as I already have a skincare routine I have been benefiting from for a while now. Another thing I really like is Melē was developed by two black women who understood the need and importance of products for and by people of color. Head over to the brand's page and check them out; you will not be disappointed!

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