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Me and My Buddy

Where are all my pet owners at?! I recently partnered with The Buddy Bandana as a brand ambassador to help bring awareness to their cause. Their mission is to help raise money and awareness for rescue organizations, priding themselves on donating to no kill shelters for animals in need. Each month, The Buddy Bandana features a dog who has been saved thanks to their combined efforts with organizations whose focus is on saving abused or neglected animals. The site offers matching hair tie/headband/bandana sets for pet owners and their fur babies. They also have an array of hats and masks now! Please head over to their site and check them out on IG: officialbuddybandana. When shopping, use code "cookie_cutter_customs" for a discount of 40% off! There are plenty of prints to choose from, so I'm sure you'll find something you like. Send me pictures of you and your fur babies in your new purchase, I'd love to see you twinning!

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