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Man's Best Friend

I know that's normally what we say about those furry, four-legged doggies, right? Well, this time I'm talking about deodorant. It's funny how guys can just use some personal hygiene products and smell amazing all day. Why is that?! I don't feel that my body washes or deodorants have that long of lasting power, or maybe it's just because it's my own that I can't tell? Anyway! Influenster sent over one of Degree's new Motion Sense aluminum-free solid deodorants for my husband to try for free, so of course I passed it on. It's Coconut Mint scented and we both think it smells refreshing. It makes me want to hold him a little longer when hugging. There was no irritation from wearing and he said it made him feel fresh! I don't know if we can give an honest opinion, however, about how it stands up against vigorous activity. Aside from working out at home, my husband's work does not cause him to perform strenuous, physical activity. Overall, it's on par with many other men's deodorants on the market, so I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase. Let me know feedback if you get your hands on some.

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