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Maintain the Mane!

I'm back to discuss hair care again. I did say I rock my locs proudly, so I thought I would follow up my last post with my previous "between wash" hair care faves. First up, is the Organic Root Stimulator Herbal Cleanse "Dry Shampoo." This product's ingredient list includes lavender oil, basil oil, and aloe. There are a few different ways to apply the product, but the technique I use is to apply it on my roots/scalp, massage it in a bit, and let it sit for just a couple of minutes. It gives a tingling sensation and it has a relaxing smell. You then take a warm, damp towel and wipe away the residue. It really does leave my scalp feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! I have not tried it as a deep clean treatment but that is something I may try later on. I like to follow up (and also regularly) with Kuza brand Jamaican Black Castor Oil conditioning braid spray. The bottle lasts a long time and I like that it isn't greasy or heavy. I swear, since I decided to lock my hair, it has maintained moisture much longer than before. I like to mist my scalp and locs with this spray and it keeps them from getting dry. The scent is also nice and I like to use it to combat the smells that can attach themselves from day-to-day life. Do you guys have any products you like to use for in between wash days? I'd love to know what your "go-to" products are.

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