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I Want This [Makeup] Forever

I was sent the HD SKIN MATTE VELVET powder foundation to try by Make Up For Ever. You guys know my track record, no makeup professional here. With that being said, I never know what to use for the best application. This comes with a sponge, but I was also sent a double sided brush that I used to apply this foundation. A little goes a long way with this one, or at least it's easily buildable. I prefer that but wasn't aware just how much the first time, so I definitely think I applied a lot more at once than what was needed. I have oily skin and am prone to sweat as I can get hot easily, so I tend to stray from heavy coverage. I really liked the finish of this foundation and didn't have to worry about my natural oil taking over. Additionally, it definitely had long wear that lasted through various temperatures. I was in both cool and extremely windy outdoor environments, as well as, very warm indoor public areas. During my first application, I didn't have anything on prior as a base. I think this may have contributed to me applying too much as a means to overcompensate. With my second wear, I used my go to tinted sunscreen as a base. I loved the combo here. I am definitely going to try this as a setting powder for my liquid foundation looks. I can see myself purchasing more as a means to continue use with and without my summer tan. Have you used this brand? What items should I look into next?

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