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I'm a Belifer

So as I progress in age, so does my need for products that help me maintain proper skincare. I honestly don't feel like I need much but sometimes I notice I have puffy eyes and bags (not the shopping kind)! Influenster sent me their Belif box which was comprised of face cream and an eye cream.

Like I mentioned, when I get up in the morning, my eyes are a bit puffy and dark. After I wash my face and pat dry, I dab a little of the moisturizing eye bomb under each and let it work its magic. The eye cream tightens it up and brightens the under-eye a bit. The effect is pretty instant and I appreciate that. I follow up with the Aqua bomb brightening vitamin C cream by placing a few dots over my face and then rubbing in with my fingertips. I haven't noticed much overall brightness in my skin but the face cream has a refreshing feel and keeps my face moisturized without being greasy or leaving any residue. My samples are only a fraction of the size you purchase but I still have some uses left. I can only imagine how beneficial continued use will be.

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