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Are you all familiar with the app/product review service Influenster? If not, click the link and check them out! I joined a few years ago and have really enjoyed their service. You complete "snaps" that will help create a profile, detailing things you like from health brands, fragrances, makeup and hair products, to things like travel services and language programs. In turn, if selected, they send you items to try. It was through signing up and receiving my first box to review that I realized I really enjoy product testing! You can always go in and update preferences and complete reviews on anything you wish, good or bad. They email you from time to time to complete surveys and I have found that these boxes are always right on time for me, offering me a new product  to switch up my routine just when I needed it. Even if you are not chosen, the reviews are still really helpful in your search for a new face cleanser, healthy snack bar, or dog food for your fur baby! Why don't you head over and check them out? Tell them I sent you *wink*wink*

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