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All Made Up!

I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before, and if not here, then on other social media. My usage and knowledge of makeup is very limited. I am pretty basic in what I use it for and haven't really desired to go beyond those simple "looks." I can not contour, can't apply lashes, don't know any special techniques, etc. With that being said, I think this Physicians Formula Natural Defense line is perfect for me. I received it in an Influenster Voxbox, free to try and review. The concealer is pretty good. It got the job done for me and I am sure if I knew how to manage, it could be of more use. The applicator threw me off at first because I couldn’t tell if I was squeezing too much but it worked out fine. My under eye circles and dark spots got covered. I love the on/off function which ensures you don’t lose any product when stowed away. This makes it great for travel. I also made good use of the foundation. Aside from needing to choose the shade that was right after this (hard to do via screen) I liked the result. It has good coverage and I like that it wasn’t heavy or thick. It spread nicely with a wedge which is what I use for application since I don’t do full face often. It dries quickly and almost has a powder-like feel to it --very light. The packaging here is also nice because it is in a tube but has a pump. Again, good for travel/carrying, but also has that extra step to make sure no product is wasted carelessly.

With the other items in the line, I feel like the finishing powder added the perfect final layer to my full face coverage. I used the brush that’s part of the product design and have no complaints. Again, my application style is basic and I just go for an even look. This did just that. There was no caked-on feeling and it this, too, was light. I will continue to use this product going forward. Finally, there was a multicolor stick! I loved this item. I love that it’s formulated to be used for various purposes making a minimal makeup user like me very happy. I used it on my lips and as blush and was very pleased. I love cream blush and this being stick form is one of my favorite things about it. It made application a breeze. I also feel like I was able to layer it on making the color just the way I wanted it. I blended with my fingers and below you can see the final product! I'd definitely check this line out if you're into the simple, quick and easy style.

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