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A Clean Shave

We all are aware that the older you get, the more self-care you require. This can range from hair appointments and pedis/manis to waxing appointments and shopping sprees (because treating yourself to new goodies IS caring for yourself). This one lies within that range. I have become a fan of visiting an aesthetician to receive regular waxing, but let's be honest; sometimes the areas that can be seen are back before the next appointment. With that being said, I like to wear sleeveless tops and excessive hair on my armpits just isn't my thing. I recently was sent the Completely Bare brand Completely Smooth Moisturizing No-Bump Shave Gel. Wow! This was so slick and wasn't excessive in lather or foam which I am starting to believe actually hinders the shaving process. There was no irritation and no bumps that appeared following use. You can see the moisture beads in the mix! My skin felt smooth and moisturized. I was so pleased with the outcome. Even on the uses after I still had the same results. I haven't tried it on any other areas but I can imagine it would give the same results. My only dislike is it comes out of the tube quickly so it's possible you'll end up using more than needed. It's currently in stock with Ulta and Target. If you grab it, let me know your thoughts!

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