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A Breath of Fresh Air

It's been a while. Sorry about that =\ Life has definitely been throwing those punches this second half of the year. Do you want to know what ISN'T doing any punching though? My breath. That's right! This product review is about oral hygiene. Influenster sent over the TheraBreath dentist formulated oral rinse. I can honestly say I'm pleased with their product. I was sent the rainforest mint flavor but had no clue they had numerous flavors. I like that there wasn't an overkill on it or a weird after taste. It's alcohol free so there's no strange burning and we all know some other brands feel like they're trying to strip down your teeth/gums/etc when using. Following the directions on the bottle, you're to swish for roughly 1 minute with a "cup-full" and spit. You then follow up with another, gargling for about 30 seconds. You get results even after the first use, or at least I did! Morning breath - what's that?! We don't know you over here. I am not exaggerating either. Using this at least nightly, combats that. I may not always follow directions in their entirety, but still get long-lasting results. I can't wait to try their other items in the dental care line.

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